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Jobs and Career Opportunities in Law Enforcement & Security

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Opportunities in Security

Security is a business function and is not a subset or spin-off of the criminal justice system.  Security is one of the fastest-growing professional careers worldwide.  A career in the security field provides a multitude of opportunities.  These opportunities range from entry-level security officer positions to investigators specializing in specific areas and managers and directors of security at major corporations and organizations around the world.

The demand for heightened security is being increased by theft of information, workplace violence, terrorism, and economic crime.  The security industry in the U.S. is a $100 billion a year business and growing. Opportunities exist at all levels within the security industry. 

All businesses, no matter how small, have security concerns such as
fraud, theft, computer hacking, economic espionage, or workplace violence. All organizations need to protect themselves from activities that disrupt their normal operations.

Each specialty within the security field has its own requirements and issues. Shoplifting continues to be a problem for retail organizations, while hospitals face privacy rights issues, and hotels have to reconcile fire and safety regulations with security requirements. In addition, government and private industry have differing security needs. Individuals wishing to pursue a career in a security specialty field should become more knowledgeable of the latest trends, issues, and concerns within that specialty.


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