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Want to Know Where Teens Want to Work This Summer 2002? Check Out Results of Poll by

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Huntington Beach, CA, May, 2002— “Would you believe McDonald’s ranked first in our poll, says Renée Ward, founder/executive director of “It proves teenagers are still looking to fast food and the retail industry as their first choice for part-time and summer employment. McDonald’s has a wide geographical presence and is the most well-known brand.”

In a poll conducted this May on, a national online service that allows employers to reach job seekers from the high school and college age group, 3200 responses were submitted by teen visitors that asked them to name a company where they would like to work this summer.

“Our rate of $65.00/job ad is affordable for even the smallest store to reach ambitious young adults in their local areas actively looking for a job, adds Ward. “And, for a major employer like McDonald’s, we have an even lower cost annual solution that accommodates all of their U.S. locations. We can help them source a year-round flow of talent.”

Here’s the Top 10 by rank.

Rank Employer Named
1 McDonald's
2 Foot Locker
3 WalMart
4 Old Navy
5 Burger King
6 Target
7 Gap
8 Chuck e Cheese
9 Blockbuster Video
10 Subway

To see the full list of responses contact