Search Jobs's 2011 Job Outlook for Teens-
Get prepared. An uptick may be on the horizon.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, A rise in business activity that typically peaks in the late spring and summer months signals an uptick in hiring may be on the horizon that would benefit the most prepared teens.

This would be a welcome improvement considering over the past 10 years, U.S. teen employment has fallen to record lows bolstered by fewer overall jobs and competition from adults and immigrants with greater work experience.

Renee Ward, founder of says, "We're getting about 12% more inquiries from new businesses over last year. They are primarily looking to hire self-motivated teens with behavioral skills that have prepared them for the workplace."

So what types of businesses peak with a good source of openings that teens could fill;

  1. Parks, recreational areas & campgrounds
  2. Amusement/theme parks
  3. Day & summer camps
  4. Swimming pools
  5. Marine and boating
  6. Lawn & gardening care, golf courses
  7. Travel-related retailers including airport concession outlets
  8. Hotels, resorts, zoos, museums, aquariums and other tourist-related destinations
  9. Fast food and casual dining restaurants including ice cream parlors and juice retailers
  10. Childcare and eldercare providers
  11. Moving and packing companies
  12. Event and party planners

However, teens shouldn't believe they can "click" their way into a job, says Ward.

She adds, "They'll have to be assertive and go out to find one. If a young worker canvasses their neighborhood for companies and organizations of this nature, they WILL find openings.

For the price of a video game, teens can get ready for the workplace by signing up for’s online Job Readiness and Certification program. With a completion certificate in hand, teens can prove to employers that they are ready, willing and prepared for the workplace giving them a distinct advantage over others.

In addition, is developing a mobile application teens can download which pinpoints hiring companies in their local area. polls show that 80% of teens 14-19 want paying jobs. Teens crave paid work-based learning experiences such as internships, co-ops and apprenticeships that make education relevant and interesting and let them explore career options. But for pay, teens are willing to work as housekeepers and gardeners too. They need the income for necessities such as school supplies, transportation, phones, clothing, college savings and in many cases to help support their entire family.

More helpful information can be found in the RESOURCES area of to help teens land a job, get work experience and/or explore other ways to earn money.

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