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Hiring seniors or teens?
Niche online job boards offer businesses a low-cost, targeted recruitment option.

Huntington Beach, CA--Businesses can hire eager job seekers 50 and older at, and ambitious young adults at, two low-cost options in the niche online recruiting field.

Web statistics show that seniors are the fastest growing segment on the Internet, and teens overwhelmingly prefer the Internet over newspapers and TV, according to Renee Ward, publisher of the two sites.

Seniors4Hire has more than 10,000 members in less than a year of launch.  Teens4Hire, now in its third year, has recorded over 300,000 visits so far this year and peaks in late spring/early summer.

We’re like the monster sites for seniors and teens,” says Ward, a long-time recruitment and staffing executive.

Seniors4Hire serves businesses and older job seekers from all walks of life including those that are looking for a little bit extra to do, execs looking to further and advance their careers, and others highly educated, looking to use their skills. 

On, 65% of members are age 18-21 including high school and community college grads seeking full time careers.

An increasing number of companies are using the sites.  National companies like Bank of America, RadioShack, CitiMortgage, GNC, Brinks, State Farm and NewYork Presbyterian Hospitals are clients. 

“We’re particularly effective and affordable for small businesses, “ she says.  Key positions have been filled within 72 hours of posting.

As the jobs outlook continues to improve, these sites are viable “mini-monster” resources for talent, Ward says.

Membership is free for job seekers.  Businesses can promote their companies and post job openings for $65 on Seniors4Hire and $49 on Teens4Hire.  With an annual membership, the cost is even less.