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Get Ready for the Workplace™ with The A Game --'s Job Readiness & Certification Partner

Info for Parents — Get Your Teen Certified Today!

Today's workplace is more competitive than ever before. Employers prefer to hire teens that are certified by "The A Game". So, instead of buying yet another video game we implore you to invest in your teen by investing in this program.

AGame CertificateIf you're looking for a reliable & proven program that has all the resources needed to prepare your teen for a lifetime of success, this is it!

"There is no other certification like it. In a few short years, it will be the national standard for young people entering the workplace."
- Everett Vaughan, Colorado DECA State Advisor

The A Game is a certification program that teaches your teen all about - work ethic, a skill they will learn and use for the rest of their lives. The program takes an average of 90 minutes to complete. Your teen can log on and off as needed.

Your teen receives their certificate and we verify it for employers.

The A Game is included in Premium Membership. Sign up your teen today.

Once your payment has been processed, your teen will receive a user name and
registration details via email with the subject: Your AGame Registration.

Your teen comes out of the program having mastered the 7 fundamental workplace values that are a prerequisite for employment in ALL careers.

AAttitude (Staying positive regardless of circumstance)
AAttendance (Dependability/ Punctuality)
AAppearance ( Personal hygiene, grooming and dress)
AAmbition ( Initiative and desire to improve)
AAccountability (Honesty/Integrity)
AAcceptance (Adhering to rules and standards, following directions)
AAppreciation ( Cheerfully serving the customer, no matter what)

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