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Get ready for the workplace with The A Game --’s Job Readiness & Certification Partner

Info for Employers—Bring The A Game to your Classroom Today!

Are your employees bringing their A Game to work?

Whether you’re looking for employees who already understand the basics of hard work or want to train employees to know for sure that they have it, The A Game is your secret to employing a stellar team.

The A Game teaches them how to show up on time, dress appropriately, provide excellent customer service, follow the rules, and strive to do more.

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“There is no other certification program like it. In a few short years, it will be the national standard for young people entering the workplace.”—Everett Vaughan, Colorado DECA State Advisor

Since 2002, was the first site of its kind to market and first to recognize the growing need to “prepare” teens looking for work for the workplace. The A Game is our answer.

The A Game is a powerful program being implemented nationwide to train young employees how to develop, nurture, and apply work ethic to everything they do for you, then certify they can do just that.

What can you do with The A Game?

  • Hire certified employees to reduce employee turnover and save you money.
  • Access a database of certified teens.
  • Implement The A Game certification as a part of your training program. We’ll give you the tools to
    teach your employees values that will make your business thrive

Know You've Got the Best
A Game certification isn't just a certificate - it's proof a teen has 100% mastered the seven fundamental
workplace values of attitude, attendance, appearance, ambition, accountability, acceptance, and

And if the unique, powerful process isn't enough, a recent independent review by a workforce center
found that employers were twice as likely to be satisfied with A Game certified employees as they
were to be satisfied with uncertified employees.

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