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Get ready for the workplace with The A Game --’s Job Readiness & Certification Partner

Info for Educators—Bring The A Game to your Classroom Today!

Prepare your students for the next step.
Teach them how to develop, nurture, and apply work ethic.
Employers prefer to hire A Game certified teens.

The A Game is also an out-of-the-box curriculum designed to help you teach work ethic. It’s what today’s employers demand. In a survey, 80% of teens starting at the age of 14 desire a paying part-time school year job and/or a full-time summer job.

If you’re looking for a reliable & proven program that has all the resources needed to prepare your students for a lifetime of success, bring The A Game to your classroom today.

The curriculum can be easily integrated into an existing lesson plan or stand on its own.

Work ethic isn’t something your students are born with; it’s a skill you can teach. “There is no other certification program like it. In a few short years, it will be the national standard for young people entering the workplace.”—Everett Vaughan, Colorado DECA State Advisor

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