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Teen spend is a $158 billion market.
Teens are open to all things new, brand conscious and tech savvy consumers. Create awareness for your brand today.
Get buyers and brand advocates for life. (T4H) enables employers to find “ready to work” young adults and prepares teens for the workplace to improve their ability to land a job.  Online since 2/2002, T4H, is a nationwide online Career Center and the #1 “go to” job and recruitment site for young adults in the high school and college age group (14-19), their parents and school career counselors.

So, we reach teens with disposable income at their control, as well as, parents who spend on their teens.

There are about 35 million (14-19) teens in the US. 
80% starting at the age of 14 want jobs. 
T4H addresses a 28 million US market.

The perfect venue for: Music, Movies, Games, Phones, Electronics, College Prep, College Sourcing, Scholarships, Youth Travel, School Supplies, Formal Wear & Limo Services, Summer Camps, and all teen brands.

65% adults 18+; 90% 16 and older

Reach adult teen members 18+, including high school graduates and early college students and/or post age appropriate openings for our younger teens (16-17), and/or (14-15).

IAB standard, rich media, and digital video ad units supported.

High trust site. High page rank.

#1 on Google, Yahoo, Bing & other engines.

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